Anushka Premji-Osman is a senior management consultant offering more than 17 years of health informatics experience, including expert knowledge in the public health domain.

As the Managing Director focused on the health practice in Western Canada, Anushka is accountable for delivery, client relationship management, contract management, resourcing, and finance management. In her role, Anushka drives impactful transformation projects for healthcare organizations across the region. She is a past president for the non-profit BC Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (BCHIMSS) and a past Chair/Board director for Gevity Consulting Inc.
With her broad geographic portfolio and deep access to the Accenture global practices, Anushka is able to leverage the learnings from other provinces, territories, and countries to ensure her clients have access to experts and learnings from across Canada and globally.
Anushka attended Queen’s University, achieving a Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in Life Sciences, as well as the University of Victoria, where she achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours, specializing in Health Information Science. In addition, Anushka holds Prince2, PMP and Prosci designations.


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