Charles (Chuck) Hill

Chuck Hill has been with the company as a senior application architect and developer since 1999. He became a Managing Partner in 2008 and remained so until recently, when he retired from those duties to focus on Gevity’s legacy non-health client portfolio.

Chuck is co-author of the book “Practical WebObjects”, the bible of WebObjects software development. He is a globally recognized authority on this subject as well as software engineering generally, and regularly presents on the WebObjects development framework at conferences.

He attended Brandon University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree specializing in Computer Science and Mathematics, and was awarded the Silver Medal for Computer Science.

Chuck has overall responsibility for the management of our legacy, non-health oriented software development business. In addition to those responsibilities, he also supports recruitment of software engineering talent for the Information Technology Services (ITS) division in support of our core health, social services and life sciences engagements.

When he is not staring at a screen, Chuck can usually be found in his kitchen experimenting with the foods of many countries or in the garden growing more food to cook. In his free time, he tortures innocent pieces of wood with hand tools in an attempt to make something other than mistakes.


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