Gavin Tong is responsible for Gevity’s Ontario branch and continues to advise clients on strategic engagements.

As a senior process and governance subject matter expert, Gavin has led many large-scale IT governance projects, each involving a complex stakeholder mix. He has been instrumental in creating and supporting more than 20 governance structures across Canada at both the national and local levels as well as internationally; the majority of which included multiple interdependent committees.

Highly adept at communicating complex concepts in simple, easy to understand terms applicable to his audience, Gavin is able to generate consensus and support from everyone from architects and operations staff to managers and senior executives.

Gavin is passionate about the benefits of interoperable systems that provide the information necessary to improve patients’ lives and the healthcare system overall. As such, he is keen on sharing his knowledge with others by speaking at conferences, engaging health informatics students and volunteering his time to speak to groups of emerging professionals. Gavin has also published dozens of articles in industry journals, trade magazines, and newsletters.

Gavin has a B.Sc. in Microbiology from the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). He also holds the HL7 v2 Control Query, ITIL-F, CPHIMS-CA certifications.

When not working, Gavin likes to unwind by delving into music of all types, which often involves listening to music while reading about musicians’ life stories and the broader cultural contexts that influenced their art.


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