Specializing in international affairs, regional cooperation, trade reforms, poverty alleviation and ICT for development challenges, Lauro Vives has been a trusted advisor to the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, the United Nations, USAID and the Millennium Challenge Corporation for almost 20 years. With aspirations to make the world more equitable and healthier, Lauro shifted focus to the health and social protection sector becoming the lead of Gevity’s International Development Practice. Lauro continues to serve in Central and West Asia, East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands leading several technical assistance and donor financed projects.

Prior to joining Gevity, Lauro was Chief Information Officer for the Saskatchewan Workers Compensation Board (WCB). Lauro began his career with IBM as a consultant, and has also served as Manager of Information Management Services (Saskatchewan WCB), Director of Business Solutions (Farm Credit Canada), Director of IT (BC Buildings Corporation) and Managing Partner (XMG Global). Passionate about industry trends and executive level consulting, Lauro also worked for Gartner as an analyst serving Fortune 500 companies with strategic insights and executive directions in the area of IT strategic planning, enterprise architecture, global strategic outsourcing, service delivery excellence, and market and competitive intelligence.

On breaks while on and off missions overseas, Lauro spends time with marginalized children living with cancer. He is also an ocean seeking, tree hugging, ukulele toting kitesurfer, snow kiter and surfer.

Lauro is a certified PMP and has a Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science from the University of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada) and an MBA from the University of Warwick (England).

Email: lvives@gevityinc.com

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