Marty Pearce is a public health epidemiologist with significant experience in disease surveillance, outbreak management, immunization and adverse events reporting. Marty supports clients worldwide in attaining their public health goals related to information management and community development by effectively applying the principles of good public health practice. 

Recently, Marty has been focused on business development efforts in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Middle East. His international journeys have allowed Marty to contemplate public health issues while diving to the bottom of the Red Sea, sailing the waters of the Mediterranean, and rambling in the Highlands of Scotland.

In addition to his recent international efforts, Marty has also practiced environmental health and communicable disease management in the Bahamas, as well as in various parts of Canada.

He holds a BSc, specializing in Microbiology, a Masters of Public Health, a Diploma of Technology (Environmental Health) and a Certificate of Public Health Inspection Canada.


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