Sébastien Roy is a Senior Managing Partner within Gevity’s Canada/East division. He undertakes business development and recruiting for the division to ensure it continues to be a consistent revenue and profit center for the company.

Sébastien’s expertise in mobile health, virtual care and in telehealth is highly valued by public and private sector clients, both in Canada and abroad. He holds a Masters of Applied Science in Clinical Engineering from the Université de Montréal and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University. Prior to joining Gevity, Sébastien founded a biomedical engineering and telehealth consulting firm, SPR Consult, which he successfully ran until it was acquired by Gevity in late 2014.

When he manages to take a break from work, Sébastien is often found trying to get his colleagues to go out for a beer. An avid reader and a political news junkie, he spends most weekends doing renovation work on his Toronto home.

Email: sroy@gevityinc.com

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