The Challenge

The Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) was established over 100 years ago, in the Canadian province of Ontario, with the intention of “enhancing and promoting the welfare and well-being of children, youth and families (for more see -

In late 2014, it was determined, in order to provide a more comprehensive offering of services, the OACAS would look at expanding French-Language Service (FLS) offerings. The intention of supporting a culture of bilingualism and diversity would also provide benefits to OACAS and its clients.

Gevity’s Role in the Solution

Gevity was provided the opportunity to work on part of the redesign of the OACAS service delivery and governance models, as a member of a shared services team.

Following a review of background material, Gevity worked with the team to prepare and deliver a session to introduce the project and to discuss the list of identified current services to be considered for French language clients and personnel across the OACAS. The session gathered feedback and recommendations (in both in English and French) from a group of 24 bilingual agencies.

Gevity then prepared a report in English and French, summarizing the output from the consultations.

Effective Results

This process helped support and push forward numerous OACAS goals, including:

  • Enhancing service delivery in French and English across the province through shared services
  • A more cohesive, consistent approach when engaging with clients across centres and around the province
  • The adequate planning and implementation of FLS, which allows for an easier way of notifying the public of its existence
  • The creation of a network and/or directory of FLS providers for the benefit of Children’s Aid Societies (CAS) currently unable to offer services themselves
  • The development and sharing of supports and resources for Ontario CAS’ and their staff so they may deliver an “Active Offer” of FLS to Francophone children and families in accordance with the French Language Services Act and the Child and Family Services Act

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you, or:
Aaron Middleton, Executive Managing Partner