The Challenge

The Ministry of Justice Corrections Branch administers adult custody and community correctional programs in the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC). There are approximately 30,000 admissions annually to nine correctional centres across the province. Admissions include persons from the downtown eastside of Vancouver, detained at the North Fraser Pre-trial Centre, and all persons in BC detained by Canada Immigration authorities or those destined for federal custody.

A comprehensive review of BC Corrections healthcare services was undertaken in 2003. One recommendation from this report was to build a Primary Assessment and Care (PAC) module for the Public Health Information System (iPHIS) database. PAC would replace most paper medical records used by BC Corrections health professionals; enhancing primary care delivery in correctional settings.

Gevity’s Role in the Solution

Gevity consultants analyzed the information technology solutions available to identify the risks and opportunities, then managed the activities to build the PAC module as a custom secure primary care health information system that would record, monitor and control inmate health care services delivery. 

Effective Results

Today, PAC supports primary care delivery in all BC correctional centres. The PAC module captures all medical and mental health data originating in custody from the nurses, doctors, psychologists and dentists delivering those services. It has replaced paper medical records, improved service quality and patient outcomes, and enabled workload efficiencies and effective sharing of critical patient information.

PAC also enables standardized assessments. Initial health assessments and mental health screenings play a major role in managing the health of high-risk individuals. Having access to an electronic medical record (EMR) on intake alone is important, and was a recommendation in a number of coroner’s inquests looking into the suicides of inmates within hours after admission, because the data that might have made a difference previously existed only in mostly inaccessible paper files.

Gevity continues to manage PAC on behalf of BC Corrections, providing systems development life cycle support including yearly enhancement releases, an interface to the provincial ICON II system as well as a Level 2 help desk supporting health care operations. Our staff work closely with BC Corrections and various health care contractors to provide PAC data quality oversight; project management and business analysis support, development and implementation services; and training and onboarding assistance.

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you, or:
Anushka Premji-Osman, Executive Managing Partner