Gevity Consulting Inc. in collaboration with Canada's Climate Change Adaptation Platform

This report, produced for Natural Resources Canada, examines proactive planned retreat approaches for adapting to a changing climate where increasing intensity, frequency, and extent of flooding, sea level rise, and shoreline erosion will increase risks for communities. Developed to support practitioners, decision makers, and community stakeholders, the report explores how proactive retreat moves infrastructure, homes, and other land uses away from high-risk areas, reducing human, physical, and economic damage from climate change and natural disasters. The report synthesizes key findings related to triggers, enablers and barriers, and health implications of retreat in Canada and internationally. In addition, there are six case studies documenting retreat experiences from across Canada. This report concludes with good practices and considerations for implementing retreat in the Canadian context and for applying a proactive planned approach considering a changing climate (versus reactive retreat after a disaster).

This report was produced by Gevity Consulting Inc. and developed in collaboration with Canada's Climate Change Adaptation Platform, a national forum that brings together key groups from across Canada to collaborate on adaptation issues.