A path Towards the Wide-Spread Adoption of Standards-Based eHealth Solutions 

Marc Koehn, MBA, Chief Operating Officer 
Gavin Tong, MBA, Associate Managing Partner

One needs look no further than this journal over the years to learn about the range of roadblocks to sustained adoption of eHealth solutions. A particularly thoughtful treatment of the challenges on EMR adoption in Medical Clinics by Alan Brookstone from the November 2010 edition identifies the 6 P’s (Policy, Process, Privacy, Professional, Perception, and Practice) to outline the barriers and to propose various solutions. Although Dr. Brookstone’s focus was on adoption in Clinic settings, these P’s provide an excellent framework to exploring the challenges system wide. However, rather than taking on that broad task this column remains focused on the role of eHealth standards in the overall adoption equation. From that stance, we’d like to add two critical P’s to the framework: Public (or Patient) and Provinces (and Territories). > More