Every few weeks, I take a look back on the stories that made an impact on me. Here is a roundup of my latest top 10 from March 1-15, 2019.

  1. On March 1, a number of Gevity leaders, including Anushka Premji-Osman, Senior Vice President, Canada West; and Yoel Robens-Paradise, Vice President, Canada West – B.C., participated in the BCHIMPS 2019 Annual Spring Education Symposium, where experts from different sectors discussed using data to tackle the opioid crisis. Fantastic, sold-out event!
  2. Gevity’s Joanne Templeton, Senior Vice President, Canada East, introduced Dr. Rueben Devlin, Ontario’s Chair & Special Advisor  to the Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare & Ending Hallway Medicine, at the 2019 UpOnDigital Conference, where participants got the inside scoop on Ontario’s new strategic direction for health care.
  3. A report published in PLOS One revealed that care teams commonly use EHR shortcuts and workarounds, potentially impacting quality and safety. The findings indicate that many changes are needed in the implementation of EHRs to ensure users can fully reap the benefits of these systems without having to resort to things like handwritten notes.
  4. The Sequoia Project launched a new workgroup as part of its Interoperability Matters cooperative centred on addressing longstanding issues with information blocking. The group of public and private sector participants met on March 14 for the first time, and it will be interesting to see how they can contribute to resolving the interoperability issues that have been such a big challenge to advancing digital health not just in the U.S. but globally.
  5. Our intrepid Alex Gao, Management Consultant, wore a cape EVERYWHERE for a week to support Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital’s Capes for Kids fundraising to help kids with disabilities find their own superpowers!
  6. Not surprisingly, a survey of healthcare CIOs found that their main focus for 2019 is to “overcome internal and external data flow hurdles and work toward optimizing that data for seamless delivery into clinical workflows,” and combat sophisticated external and internal cybersecurity threats.
  7. An MIT prof says a federated learning approach to artificial intelligence could solve the biggest issue in digital health: protecting data privacy. If he’s right, this would be an enormous development that could advance digital health by light years.
  8. Gevity’s Gavin Tong, Senior Consultant; and David Stone, Principal, Cybersecurity and Strategic IT Initiatives, Divurgent; collaborated on an article on applying some Marie Kondo-inspired spring cleaning tips to your enterprise IT to get rid of unused apps that may pose a security risk or just waste money.
  9. U.S. physician, author and academic Eric Topol was interviewed in an NPR podcast on how artificial intelligence can support health care to become “more human.” Worth the listen!
  10. Recent research has shown how people opposed to vaccinating are creating outbreak hotspots, particularly in urban areas. This is a worrisome trend, because it shows how previously eradicated illnesses can recirculate and have an enormously negative impact on global public health.