From Co-op to Full Time Employee

At Gevity, experts work one-on-one with emerging professionals to address the unique needs of organizations working to improve the health and well being of individuals and communities.

We understand knowledge sharing is key to making our world a healthier place.

Naima Salemohamed started with Gevity as a co-op education student, while finishing her BSc. in Health Informatics at the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada). Once she completed her co-op term and earned her degree, Naima became a full time Gevity employee. After a year working at Gevity, Naima returned to school in order to start a MSc. in eHealth Innovation and Management.

Below, she describes how her experience working on a challenging project with the help of senior Gevity staff encouraged her to continue on with her professional development.

1) Describe your Gevity journey.

The semester prior to graduating, I needed to complete one additional co-op work term. I wanted my final placement to be with an organization where I could begin my professional career.

While I was searching for opportunities, my co-op advisor mentioned to me a position with Gevity. The placement seemed challenging, and I was excited by the possibility of staying in Victoria to begin my career.

I contacted Gevity about the possibility of starting as a co-op student and transitioning to a regular full time employee, once my four month co-op was complete.

Initially, I did not know much about Gevity, but after my interview with management, I was convinced that Gevity was the perfect place for me.

I began working on the Primary Assessment Care (PAC) project as a helpdesk analyst and junior business analyst. The PAC project is an electronic health record for inmates in British Columbia’s correctional system. For the first four months, I learned about PAC; my training included everything from how to approach client issues to learning how to conduct daily performance reviews.

Gevity maintains a strong professional development program, in which I was eager to take part. Gevity provided me with a wealth of support to aid in building my professional skills in areas such as business analysis, public speaking, and client management. Through my PAC project work, I was able to further test and develop these skills. Gevity was able to present me with the opportunity to work with senior staff, and managing partners to enhance my work. Gevity let me interact with clients, and helped me challenge myself to do better. With performance reviews and constant feedback, I knew how to improve and learn from my mistakes. Gevity let me choose my path with the company and let me be part of their journey into becoming a strong health focused firm.

In September 2014, I became a full time Gevity employee. I added responsibilities to my co-op term role, such as beginning to conduct training for new health care staff, and adding to my help desk analyst responsibilities.

Over the year, I flourished at Gevity becoming an expert in certain tasks. As the PAC project expanded its offerings, I began to plan out training sessions for staff, develop new documentation, complete release testing and create a mock-up for our future initiatives, such as the incorporation of lab results into PAC.

In the summer 2015, I left Gevity to pursue a Masters of Science degree at the University of Toronto studying eHealth Innovation and Management (a program to develop better electronic health records). The inspiration to apply came from my work at Gevity, and my desire to continue to create better electronic health systems benefiting patients and professionals alike.

I am grateful for Gevity’s continued support as I pursue my graduate degree.

 2. What did you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoyed being constantly challenged. My work presented me with a wide variety of problems to solve. I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to experience many different roles from working as a help desk analyst to writing technical documentation, to training new staff and to doing pull aparts (a favorite of mine). A pull apart involves a client with two records, which requires problem solving to determine which is the correct set of information for merger.

Even as a junior staff member, I was given a variety of responsibilities and was always able to share my ideas and thoughts with superiors and colleagues alike. Moreover, I had the opportunity to lead our SharePoint redesign project, and was in charge of managing the content and users for the site.

My role was constantly developing and never boring, and there was always the opportunity to interact with clients. The experience of managing clients and working with different stakeholders will be one of my biggest takeaways from Gevity.

3. What do you see as your greatest success while working for Gevity?

After my year working for Gevity, I feel my greatest success was learning enough information about PAC to have been awarded the opportunity to present at the National eHealth Conference.

Through my experiences at PAC, I was able to develop and design an e-poster to highlight the features of Gevity’s involvement in the PAC project. This was the first time I attended a national conference, and I was amazed and thrilled when my project won an award for best e-poster.

Gevity always supported my drive to take on new projects, increase my professional development and, most importantly, be a better consultant.

4. What advice would you give to a co-op student or recent grad interested in working for Gevity?

The best advice I can offer is to apply even if you are unsure if you possess the skills or don’t yet feel confident in your knowledge.

Gevity will provide you with the opportunity to learn, test projects and find a good fit. Gevity’s professional development program provides opportunities to grow and become a more well-rounded candidate. Gevity wants to see you succeed and build a future with the company.

I foresee the connections I have made at Gevity assisting me into the future helping me forward with my career. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet senior members of staff, and learn from them. I encourage anyone interested to apply to Gevity, because you will not only learn more about what you are interested in, but you will also learn from everyone else’s experiences. I am glad I had the experience to work for a company like Gevity, and be a part of their growth as a consulting firm.