Every few weeks, I take a look back on the stories that made an impact on me. Here is a roundup of my latest top 10 from Jan. 7-31, 2019.

  1. Gevity announced a strategic business alliance with U.S.-based consulting firm Divurgent! If you missed the news release, check it out here.
  2. Yoel Robens-Paradise, a B.C.-based healthcare executive with many years of experience with large, complex public sector initiatives, joined Gevity as the Vice-President, Canada-West, B.C. and posted his first blog in which he discusses making the transition to the private sector and what he hopes to accomplish.
  3. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) announced in early January that digitally enabled care would go mainstream across the NHS and that a digital first option would be available to patients and clinicians in a decade. This story is important as countries such as Canada look to the developments, challenges and successes of other governments in implementing their own digital health strategies.
  4. There is much discussion these days of how artificial intelligence can be harnessed to advance and support health care, but some experts are also looking at how it can be manipulated to supercharge malware, phishing and other cybercrimes.
  5. Speaking of cybersecurity, we collaborated with our new partners at Divurgent on a whitepaper on cybersecurity in health care that highlights how health care is becoming a huge target for cybercrime. The stats are extremely worrisome, but CIOs and other healthcare leaders can get out ahead of the issue by learning what to do to keep their organizations – and patients – safe.
  6. Canada is looking to learn how Estonia has become the most digitally advanced nation in the world. Hopefully, any useful recommendations the visiting MPs make for Canada will be supported and implemented.
  7. The Canadian Medical Association Journal published an article calling for a single, national EHR for all primary care providers in Canada. Following the article, there was much debate, as might be expected!
  8. Gevity’s Gavin Tong and Rod Thurber published an article in Healthcare Information Management & Communications Canada on applying the principles of open system architecture on projects across Canada. It’s a great read!
  9. Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Kids has hired Dr. Anna Goldenberg to fill the first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence position to expand their AI research with an eye to saving and improving the lives of patients. We’re looking forward to seeing what this new role produces and if other large hospitals announce similar positions.
  10. New Brunswick is implementing a new electronic health record to improve management of vaccinations, immunizations and disease outbreaks. We’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of these initiatives in various provinces and it’s great to see another province move forward on it!