Every two weeks, I take a look back on the healthcare stories that made an impact on me. Here is a roundup of my latest top 10.

  1. Renowned Canadian health reporter and Globe&Mail columnist André Picard looks back on the evolution of health care since he began writing about it in 1987 and shares the personal experiences have shaped his perspectives on the topic.
  2. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) shared some fantastic highlights during National Health IT Week from the stories people have submitted as part of the #IHeartHIT storytelling campaign. These stories come from patients for whom digital health has had a direct impact on their lives, people who work in healthcare IT, clinicians and many others. They really put a human face on all the discussions of technology and business.
  3. We spoke to Canada Health Infoway’s Executive Vice President Lynne Zucker about Digital Health Week (Nov. 21-16, 2018), the current status of digital health in Canada, the role of partnership in advancing digital health on a national scale and the Nov. 13-14 2018 Infoway Partnership Conference.
  4. The American Medical Association has released a playbook to help physicians adopt digital health as part of their practice and overcome some of the challenges they face in embracing digital health tools and technologies.
  5. As we know, the flu is more than an annoyance for thousands of people, and while the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are at greater risk, even young, healthy people can become very sick, so the news that this year’s vaccine is expected to be more effective is welcome.
  6. At Gevity, we are constantly contributing to and educating people about the FHIR standard. If you’re looking to learn more about its potential, this is an excellent primer.
  7. Toronto’s SE Health is introducing a chatbot to support caregivers. This is a step forward for Canadian health care, which is still behind in the adoption of many of the technologies so commonplace in most other areas of our lives.
  8. According to healthcare futurist Michael Rogers, big, exciting changes are coming to healthcare by the late 2020s. He predicts health care will be provided on a subscription basis.
  9. Anushka Premji-Osman, Gevity’s Executive Managing Partner, Canada West, and now Chair of our Board of Directors, shares her career path at Gevity since she joined us in 2008, and the little-known fact that she’s a country music lover!
  10. Cannabis is now legal in Canada. This has huge implications for the workplace, the health care system and society.