According to, there are more than 7,000 languages spoken world-wide. At this year’s SNOMED CT Expo 2018 (Oct. 18-19, 2018 in Vancouver, Canada), the focus is on only one: the emerging global language of health care and the clear exchange of health information for all using a universal, codified, clinical terminology system.

The conference, which features presentations from 19 countries across three different streams and an exhibitor floor with roughly 20 vendors, will also offer industry-leading plenary speakers focused on hot healthcare topics such as genomics and precision medicine.

On Oct. 17, developers interested in learning more about using SNOMED CT and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), the latest Health Level-7 (HL7) standard, will have the opportunity to join other developers for a day of hands-on workshopping. We’re calling it SNOMED CT & FHIR – Day of the Dev. If you’re attending the conference and are curious to learn how to use these powerful standards to drive semantic interoperability and clinical decision support, we hope you will join us, whether for the full conference or just the day.

The day will be led by SNOMED CT and FHIR experts and healthcare thought leaders, including Lloyd McKenzie, one of the initial authors of the FHIR specification and co-chair of the HL7 FHIR Management Group, the FHIR Infrastructure Work Group and the Modelling and Methodology work groups. Lloyd is also a passionate member of the FHIR community, helping to teach, guide, maintain tools for and otherwise support FHIR implementers throughout the world. When he's not busy doing volunteer FHIR work, Lloyd also serves as a senior consultant with Gevity Consulting Inc.

Gavin Tong, a senior process and governance subject matter expert at Gevity, will co-lead the session.

The day will start with introductions to SNOMED CT and FHIR, followed by some useful hands-on exercises that will give you experience addressing real-world use cases, demonstrate the game-changing impact on healthcare delivery across the globe and, in the afternoon, provide the opportunity to participate in breakout sessions.

Participating developers and system designers will be guided through hands-on coding exercises that will teach them how to:

  • Create intentional SNOMED CT value sets to express healthcare concepts;
  • Use FHIR terminology services to expand a value set filtered by user text, check if a code is a member of a value set, and check if a code is a proper specialization of another code;
  • Use SNOMED CT codes in the back end and human readable terms in the UI to support semantic interoperability for users of different applications; and
  • Enable decision support algorithms that rely on coded concepts and their relationships to other coded concepts.

You’ll also have the chance to share what you’ve learned and exchange ideas with other participants from around the globe, who will bring their own international experience and insights to bear on the event.

Day of the Dev is co-produced by Gevity and SNOMED International and sponsored by Orion Health. Registration is free for conference participants and, thanks to the generosity of all the organizations involved, available for only $50 for others.

Please note space is limited and will be provided on a first come, first served basis.