Webinars: Pandemic Response Series

Gevity and COVID-19

Health systems and businesses around the globe are struggling to respond to the evolving COVID-19 crisis. Responses are clearly focusing on two key strategies: (1) flattening the epidemiological curve through social distancing, travel restrictions and other directives, while implementing measures to address the ensuing economic impacts; and (2) addressing gaps in health system delivery capacity, whether in the form of additional critical care beds or ramping up ventilator manufacturing capacity.

Underpinning this work are more traditional outbreak management and response activities as well as efforts to avoid putting longer term health system transformation projects at risk.

Gevity can help. We offer extensive and proven expertise in the implementation of public health systems; in the development of analytics and reporting solutions; in establishing virtual care solutions; and in implementing a wide range of clinical systems. We are already helping various jurisdictions and organizations respond to the current public health emergency and would be pleased to add our expertise and capacity to you and your team.

Our team members include epidemiologists, nurse informaticists, health IT professionals, and project leaders who are well-versed in supporting clients in navigating crisis situations.

If you feel that you have immediate requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our COVID-19 response team at COVID19help@gevityinc.com or speak directly to our experts.

What are we doing now?

Here are some sample initiatives we are presently undertaking or commencing shortly:

  • We are supporting an outbreak control team in the development of meaningful analytical dashboards;
  • We are supporting the coordination of help lines and providing senior staff members to support ad-hoc situation management;
  • We are advising on and supporting broader country-level strategies in outbreak management;
  • We are making our clinical and epidemiological experts available as needed to fill in resource gaps; and
  • We are assisting a Canadian jurisdiction in connecting symptom tracking forms to the Canadian Panorama Investigations and Outbreak system.

How can we help you?

Our teams are ready to provide situationally relevant services including but not limited to the following:

  • Public Health System setup, configuration and management;
  • Providing preparedness and response advisory services, including COVID-19 Risk Assessments for businesses leveraging Gevity’s epidemiological expertise to reduce risk to your customers, staff and operations, as you re-start the ‘direct contact’ aspects of your business during a pandemic;
  • Implementing IBM’s Guardian outbreak on demand solution in collaboration with IBM Global Services;
  • Assigning clinical staff to augment existing teams including call centers and tele-triage;
  • Setting up or enhancing call centers with robotic automation for tele-triage and triage protocols;
  • Configuring and rolling out virtual care / remote health solutions including virtual consults, appointment booking and remote health monitoring;
  • Developing and reviewing pandemic preparedness plans for hospital and health systems as well as public health organizations;
  • Supporting and augmenting data analytic teams, including ad-hoc analysis and report development and, modelling, extraction, transformation, integration and management of health data; and
  • Helping health systems to identify and respond to points of vulnerability with regard to healthcare resource shortages, in terms of personnel, equipment and hospital beds.

Together with Veris, our broader industry management consulting subsidiary we are also able to offer Business Continuity Management services that have the benefit of access to our deep public health expertise. While the middle of a pandemic may feel too late to build your business continuity strategy, the rapidly evolving situation suggests that steps can and should be taken to respond and react dynamically. We are able to help assess areas of weakness, recommend specific actions, and – most importantly – can help you put these actions into play.

In addition, we are able to offer surge and back-fill capacity and can quickly activate a broad network of specialists as well as solution partners.

Why us?

Gevity is one of Canada's largest professional services firm focusing exclusively on health care and health information technology. Our consultants have worked directly with Federal, State/Provincial/Territorial, and regional health care organizations in delivering a wide range of solutions, optimizing critical processes, or supporting key transformation initiatives in the US and Canada.

Many of us have worked directly with organizations in emergency preparedness and emergency response situations (specifically public health) including MERS, Walkerton (Ontario), SARS and the Kosovo evacuation. Our team has direct experience advising on and actively configuring, implementing, managing and operating various public health solutions (Panorama, iPHIS, LDMS, Paris, Flu Watch, etc.) and team members intrinsically understand the business of communicable disease control and outbreak management.

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To access Veris Business Continuity Management services please contact:

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