Care for patients who require assistance with daily living is facing extraordinary challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exposed and accelerated the fallout from systemic issues such as:

  • Chronic shortages of both regulated and unregulated staff
  • An aging population driving up demand for services and straining capacity
  • A greater need to coordinate care delivery across multiple sectors including primary and acute care
  • A shift towards aging in place, resulting in greater demand for home care services and a trend towards long term care residents being older, with more complex care needs than in years past

At the same time we are seeing tremendous growth and adoption of technologies such as virtual care that can assist care providers in navigating these challenges.

Gevity seniors’ care experts and thought leaders are recognized across the North American healthcare spectrum for their expertise in strategy, management, and information technology. We are committed to supporting our clients in their response to today’s challenges.

Strategy & Management

Your team can help meet the extraordinary challenges of today’s seniors’ care environment with a customized strategic business plan that addresses the issues in your unique context, and lays out a roadmap to transform your operations to meet today’s information sharing and health system coordination needs.

From delivering operational best practice guidelines to providing interim management support, Gevity seniors’ care transformation specialists can help you improve service delivery. Whether your organization needs workflow analysis and process optimization, to unleash the business intelligence potential of your existing information systems or best practice project management, Gevity experts can guide the way, ensuring your advancements are supported by industry leading change management methodologies and thorough coaching and training for your staff.

Information Technology & Systems

New information systems are emerging to help senior’s care and home care nurses document, access, and share patient information. Gevity’s seniors care transformation experts are known for our strong digital health implementation experience. Through our implementation experience with a variety of assessment tools, our team can assist in the design, development, deployment and optimization of seniors care scheduling and clinical documentation systems. We will analyze the information technology solutions available and help you select the best technology that will enable care for these patients. We also bring experience in managing the implementation of technological change with front line service providers.

If you are in the Long Term Care / Retirement Home sector we can help you:

  • Develop market entry strategies
  • Establish best practice staffing and clinical care policies
  • Integrate new technologies and workflows across healthcare domains
  • Fill management gaps and optimize management team performance

If you are a Home Care service provider we can help you:

  • Upgrade, replace or optimize your current scheduling and clinical documentation system
  • Optimize the onboarding, training and retention of staff
  • Implement management reporting and dashboard systems to help optimize clinical care delivery and financial performance
  • Maximize the adoption of new systems and processes through industry leading change management processes

Senior’s Care and Home Care Focused Services

  • Strategy & Management services
    • Business strategy development and strategic planning
    • Process reengineering and assessment optimization
    • Project management
    • Management of operations & processes
    • Best practice assessment and implementation
    • Change management
    • Business intelligence and analysis
    • Training and coaching
  • Information Technology & System services
    • Integration of home care applications with other systems
    • System upgrades
    • Digital Command Centres
    • Transitioning from on-premise to Cloud based solutions
    • Optimizing scheduling and service delivery workflows
    • Implementation of virtual care solution
    • Presentation of key performance indicators and metrics

Special note*

*Our team members have significant capacity to lead a care team over the protection measures for COVID-19 including teaching, implementation, optimization and respect in all steps of the chain. They will support the accelerated transformation the client has to operate to reduce and minimize the impact of the pandemic and also support the identification of post-COVID recommendations.

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