Why Gevity?

We are:

  • Focused
  • Experienced
  • Innovative
  • Committed to Success
  • Local & Global


  • We recruit health, social services and life sciences specialists. Our management are also our most senior specialists
    • Our clients can expect to work with professionals who understand their context and needs
    • Our partners can leverage our expertise and customer relationships


  • We have done this before
  • We have extensive experience working on projects at national, regional and facility levels
    • Our clients benefit from our broad range of experience and know-how
    • Our partners can know that we can bring strong capabilities to our joint projects


  • We are not happy with the status quo when it can be improved – we always look for better, drawing on collective experiences
  • We always challenge the status quo without being cavalier
    • Our clients can expect innovation and creativity from our team members
    • Our partners can expect a nimble organization that can innovate not only in solution delivery but in partnering structures and approaches

Committed to success:

  • We are collaborative and partnership minded – joint success is our goal
  • We are and continue to be a stable and successful partner with our clients and other firms since 1995
    • Our clients can expect us to be there when they need help
    • Our partners can expect fair dealing and a commitment to mutual success

Local and global:

  • We offer a mix of local and global resources for each project, combining the strengths of both
  • Our goal of operating across regions and internationally is to be a conduit of best practice and innovation
    • Our clients can expect local context, knowledge and experience; coupled with access to expertise and innovative ideas developed across the country and internationally
    • Our partners can expect us to be savvy in a range of markets both from a delivery and partnering perspective – “we know how to conduct international business”

Gevity's listing of specialty practices and services