More and more governments are realizing that primary care is the pillar of a well-integrated and modern healthcare and social services system. The primary physician is now tasked with coordinating the care of an aging population in an ever more complex continuum of care. Proactive and interdisciplinary primary care requires investment in information technology to improve the sharing of medical relevant and timely information. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are but a first step in this direction as government programmes in many jurisdictions, subsidize their purchase or implementation. There are, in parallel, growing expectations for practices to be fully integrated into the local and regional care systems. EMRs can be an important tool in improving access and quality to primary care for practices – when done right.

Moreover, many primary care practices are evolving their approach beyond simple EMRs, whether through virtual consults, personal health records and patient portals, virtual consultations, secure messaging, electronic booking, self check-in, remote chronic disease management, etc.

Shortening hospitals stays and an aging population with chronic conditions are also putting pressure on home care services, which must also turn to technology to help assist and enable the care provider in the patient’s home. New information systems are emerging to help home care nurses document, access and share patient information, right from the patient’s home.

Gevity’s team of experts can help primary and home care teams make sense of all this. We can analyze the information technology solutions available; identify the risks, opportunities and benefits as well as understand the data sharing and integration requirements. Gevity can develop a customized strategy that maximizes the benefit for practitioners and their patients by choosing and configuring the optimal solution. A proper infrastructure, workflow analysis, process optimization, change management and training plan are essential components for a successful, cost-effective information system implementation.

Primary Care Focused Services

EMR Advisory

  • Clinical Change Management
  • eReferral


  • Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) EMR Content Standard
  • United States Meaningful Use

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