The virtual health space is a rapidly evolving one, with the ever-growing presence of intelligent mobile devices and the new “Internet of things.” Now, more than ever, patients and practitioners have the expectation to give and receive care from wherever they may be, and with all the modern convenience they have come to expect from their devices. Governments and care providers are faced with the reality of their staff and patients using consumer technologies for purposes they were never designed for. Answers to the traditional questions and challenges of telehealth around security, confidentiality, liability, legality and overall governance must therefore be continuously be updated.

In conjunction with this rapid pace of change, major health reforms across the world are changing reimbursement policies, thus putting pressure on employers, care providers and insurers to develop novel ways to reduce acute care consumption, ER visits and readmissions. These new models require a greater integration of care, where telehealth is often part of the solution. This new demand for value is spurning a burgeoning ecosystem of consumer, insurer, employer and care provider, telehealth, mHealth and other forms of virtual services.

Gevity’s team of telehealth experts can help your organization keep track of all these complicated issues and analyze them in your specific context. Our multidisciplinary team brings the skills required to analyze the organizational, clinical, legal and technical aspects to make telehealth implementations cost-effective, improve access as well as the quality of care.

We have broad experience in strategic planning, procurement, implementation and benefits evaluation for a wide variety of virtual health services:

  • Live teleconsultations through videoconferencing
  • Telehomecare and remote patient monitoring
  • Asynchronous teleconsultations through store-and-forward solutions
  • mHealth and consumer health solutions
  • Remote clinical trials
  • Intelligent home technologies and devices
  • Patients portals and remote patient education
  • Telescreening and teletriaging
  • Remote assistance and mentoring, from wound care nurses to surgeons
  • Simulation laboratories for medical and nursing students

We understand every telehealth initiative must have a demonstrated value to clinicians and patients, and that measuring outcomes for novel implementations is key to the long-term success of these innovations.

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