From the delivery of healthcare to individuals in remote communities or correctional facilities to detecting emerging disease threats and coordinating a response across sectors, government organizations are constantly being asked to do more with less. While this is not unusual in healthcare, our Gevity team members bring a deep understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and priorities of various government groups, including the ultimate accountability to improving the health of Canadians.  

Our experience working with clients across all levels of government means we bring unique insights to solving health problems. At the local level, we have assisted with primary healthcare systems implementations and have run training programs for thousands of clinical users to support a successful go-live. Gevity has provided strategic project management and business analysis services for many province-wide systems, handling complex issues from architectural challenges to change management processes. At the federal level, our staff has supported outbreak response pilots as well as strategic advisory services and consulting services.

Our team members have worked with leading care providers and have consulted to agencies such as the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO). We have developed national strategies and terminology toolkits. We are well positioned to help you succeed.

Some of our sample engagements include:

eHealth Ontario Standards Program – Strategy Development and Implementation: Our team developed the Ontario eHealth Standards Strategy and related strategies such as Terminology, Messaging and Stakeholder Engagement. Gevity subsequently led the implementation phase, which focused on defining business services (including supporting processes, templates, performance metrics, etc.), securing the human resources to provide the services, developing a service catalogue, and communicating the services to internal and external stakeholders.

Canada Health Infoway - Maintenance Services Framework Development: Gevity provided leadership and multi-disciplinary (clinical and technical) expertise in the development of a pan-Canadian standards Maintenance and Implementation Support framework based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) principles. Our team subsequently led the implementation and management of the maintenance and support services functions.

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you, or:

Aaron Middleton, VP Business Development