Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, face many challenges on the road to reaching the core endeavour of providing the best care to every patient.

Healthcare reform, including regionalisation, restructuring or compliance to new regulations can distract a healthcare facility and its resources away from its core patient care business function. We are experienced in assisting our clients face these changes in their organizational structures, accompanying them through the change management process so they can refocus on their patient care function.

Patient based costing brings additional pressure on healthcare facilities to change their processes and streamline patient flows to ensure they will be reimbursed for the care provided to patients and therefore remain in business, able to operate and provide patient care.

Specialization also creates pressures on healthcare facilities, as well as the integration into integrated health centers caused by mergers or patient volumes.

Gevity works with physicians, clinical teams, technology and management teams to identify bottlenecks, redesign processes and manage the changes required so healthcare facilities can deliver the best patient care in their communities.

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