The Health Research Sector is dynamic, and evolving trends present many opportunities for changing the healthcare environment by driving research to impact care at a more agile and rapid pace than ever before. These changes work not only to generate research evidence but also to make this evidence impactful while maintaining research excellence.

Reforms to the Open Operating Grant Program and peer review process undertaken by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) will move the research landscape, ensuring the long-term sustainability of a robust and responsive research environment in Canada, one that addresses the need for both investigator-initiated research and the clear imperative for research focused on areas of strategic importance.

CIHR’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) illustrates how this change can happen. SPOR represents a credible and actionable vehicle for making measurable improvements to the healthcare system. Provincial and territorial health authorities have responded with great enthusiasm to the vision of a health research infrastructure closely aligned with and responding to locally driven health challenges.

Applications of public health research and information management technologies have been prominent in our solutions and public health delivery.

Our consultants, as experts in their respective domains, are often active researchers and understand the needs of health research institutions. We understand how health informatics can provide solutions to solve research problems, as well as how to implement them. We are also well versed in the needs of academic medical centers and their researchers, contributing to saving patient’s lives through their innovative research.

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CIHR Support Unit for patient oriented research: strategic advisory services and organizational deployment for the CIHR Support Unit for Québec.

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