The rapid evolution of eHealth, along with the development of new treatment technologies, has driven the need for professional groups to quickly modernize policies that have subsequently become outdated.

The continued evolution of electronic health records and the fact that telehealth, supported by a sound eHealth infrastructure, is slowly blurring the importance of the geographic boundaries that so often underpin regulatory frameworks. In reaction, regulators and professional groups throughout the world need to respond to the challenges and, in some cases, need to collaborate in their responses. An opportunity for leadership exists at all levels to constantly evolve regulation, engagement, and guidance.

Gevity’s team of experts can offer the support required to ensure your organization understands what is required to assess and update your current policies. We have the background knowledge and management skills to help your organization make well-informed decisions in order to ensure your policies are kept up to date.

We want to help you to stay current and apply our expertise around your regulatory frameworks: