Organizations focusing on research have their own demands for data and unique challenges in how their data needs align with those of healthcare delivery organization.

In our view, the research community includes a wide range of groups, which include those who:

  • Seek to better understand the physiological foundations of life;
  • Seek to develop molecules for the treatment disease; or
  • Seek to design medical devices including instruments, apparatus, implants, in vitro reagents or other innovations.

The information and knowledge process flow required to achieve the goals of translational medicine, from bedside to bench and back again, requires all participants to collaborate. In order to ensure an efficient and correct information flow, an IT solution that appreciates the full spectrum of desired information (while respecting the regulatory environment and the right to privacy for patients) and other participants is a requirement.

We are passionate about supporting the full information and knowledge cycle and as such we welcome opportunities to work with clients along the full spectrum from care delivery through the life sciences that support innovation.

Our team of seasoned, dynamic and qualified professionals has experience in all fields of the life sciences, managing both small and large projects. We have also worked to establish training programs, conduct the review process, provide strategic planning advice for capital projects or technical advice technologies of information, communication or biomedical engineering. Consider our service offerings: