The provision of a modern well-integrated healthcare and social services structure has become increasingly important to governments everywhere. For primary care to be adequately delivered, governments have realized the necessity of trading paper records for information technology systems. These IT systems improve the sharing of medical information in a relevant and timely manner, for all members of the population.

The implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for correctional services is an area Gevity has been able to provide solutions to government.

Our work improving primary care in a correctional setting by assisting with the implementation of information systems has enhanced service quality, bettered patient outcomes and enabled workload reduction efficiencies and the effective sharing of critical patient information.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved healthcare delivery, reduction in human errors, and generated workload efficiencies
  • Enhanced inmate/staff safety through alert generation and integration
  • Single health record for high risk clients accessible regardless of release or admission location
  • Enhanced security and confidentiality of health information due to role based access
  • Assisted in reducing duplicate diagnostic testing and immunizations
  • Enhanced standardized data collection informing aggregate reporting for service review and design
  • Improved Mental Health capabilities

Gevity’s team of experts can help corrections jurisdictions implement similar systems and processes. We know what it takes to work in this unique healthcare environment, and the equally unique functional requirements to support health caredelivery. Gevity staff can analyze the information technology solutions available; identify the risks, opportunities and benefits as well as understand the data sharing and integration requirements. Gevity can develop a customized strategy that maximizes the benefit for practitioners and their patients by choosing and configuring the optimal solution. A proper infrastructure, workflow analysis, process optimization, change management and training plan are essential components for a successful, cost-effective information system implementation.

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you, or:
Anushka Premji-Osman, SVP Canada/West