Social service programs provided by governments and social services agencies aim to help individuals, families, groups and communities enhance their individual and collective well-being, and to promote equity and opportunity in communities. Social services programs include social or income assistance, services for children and adults with development disabilities, community services for specific populations, as well as child and spousal support orders.

For these programs and services to be adequately delivered and sustained, governments and social service agencies have realized the necessity of assessing and re-designing their current service delivery and governance models. In addition, the movement towards electronic information systems to support case management and social assistance programs has become a major focus, as current paper-based systems are failing to meet program and client needs.

Gevity has successfully supported government programs and social service agencies through the process of enhancing their service delivery. Our team of experts can help with the assessment of current service delivery and governance models, identifying areas for improvement, and recommending and implementing strategies to facilitate improved delivery and quality of services. Our experience implementing information systems for case management has allowed us to understand the keys in the successful implementation of systems in the social services environment. Our staff can analyze the technology solutions available, identify risks, opportunities and benefits, as well as understand the data sharing and integration requirements. Our expertise in business process analysis, modeling and redesign within the social services sector supports an organization as they move from current state to future state processes. Change management and training are essential components for success, and we have experts that can guide and support social services organizations as they transition through program and service changes.

Our work improving social service program and service delivery in government agencies has enhanced overall service quality, improved efficiency of case management, improved client outcomes, enabled better information sharing while enhancing both the security and the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Benefits include:

  • Enabling sharing of critical information across service providers
  • Real-time analytics and reporting to facilitate decision making
  • Improved case management
  • Improved records management
  • Enhanced security and confidentiality through role-based access
  • Redesign of service delivery model to ensure a more cohesive, consistent approach when engaging with clients
  • Improved ability to refer and connect clients through the creation of a centralized directory of service providers

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