Gevity’s specialty practice teams are focused on creating a core group of global experts and thought leaders across a variety of specialties. These groups consist not only of Gevity managing partners and staff consultants, but also a broad network of vetted associates. 

Our specialty practices are directly engaged by clients or work collaboratively with our geographic branches on regional initiatives where their particular expertise is required.

Currently we have established the following practice areas:

eHealth Standards Expert Services

  • Gevity’s knowledge and experience in the eHealth Standards and Architecture field is extensive. We have supported national program activities and are engaged with, or monitor most major international health informatics standards organizations including, Health Level Seven International (HL7®), the International Health Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO), the International Standards Organization’s technical group 215 (ISO/TC 215), and others. Our consultants understand the intricacies of different interoperability modalities, as well as the challenge of appropriately marrying these modalities with clinical terminologies to drive clinical and business benefits. They also understand how to layer these objectives into contemporary eHealth architectures at facility, region or national levels. > Learn more 

International Development

  • Our experiences in national eHealth programs, our work with Canadian indigenous populations, and our roots in population and public health give our consultants a unique perspective on the challenges faced by emerging economies. This, combined with our proven strengths in on-time and on-budget project delivery as well our ability to build effective, multi-disciplinary teams allows us to bring a full spectrum of skills to our engagements. We not only collaborate well, we embrace collaboration. This has led us to establish an International Development practice aimed at addressing the needs of development agencies, as well as international financial institutions with development focused lending portfolios. > Learn more 

Population and Public Health

  • Our Population and Public Health team has deep experience across the full spectrum of public health challenges including, but not limited to, immunization management, outbreak management, maternal or chronic health programs, or urban / environmental health considerations. We have extensive experience in the implementation of jurisdiction-level public health solutions. > Learn more

Business Intelligence

  • Gevity’s Business Intelligence practice is made up of experts with a strong foundation in health data, systems, standards and processes across multiple health domains. We have a history of effectively assisting clients in each of the business intelligence functional areas, including Data Warehousing, Advanced Analytics and Reporting. > Learn more

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

  • Our Software Quality Assurance team is a new competency area introduced in 2014 to bring outsourced software testing to healthcare clients using a global delivery model. Our global testing team has experience in the latest methods and also understands the complexity of health and social service focused applications. > Learn more

COVID-19 Risk Assessments

  • Tailored to the communities where you operate, our COVID-19 Risk Assessments are developed for businesses by leveraging Gevity’s epidemiological expertise to reduce risk to your customers, staff and operations, as you re-start the ‘direct contact’ aspects of your business during a pandemic. > Learn more