Increasingly, healthcare delivery organizations are adopting a “digital first” mindset. Perhaps a better phase than 'digital health' is 'health in a digital world'. Healthcare service providers, like other facets of society, are rapidly evolving towards technology enablement. In this new digital world, a careful assessment of what healthcare services not only can but should be delivered digitally is essential. Equally important is ensuring that digital healthcare services are fully integrated into patient care plans and electronic records, ensuring a continuity of care.​


An increasingly engaged and informed patient population is looking for flexible solutions to meet their healthcare needs. They want the ability to schedule an appointment online, see their family physician via a virtual consultation, and convalesce at home, with their care tracked via a 'hospital at home' monitoring system.  ​

Strategic planning and implementation support services for virtual care solutions such as eReferral, eConsult and TeleHealth can help ensure patients receive the right level of care at the right time and in a way that is efficient, transparent, and responsive to their unique care needs and preferences.​

Gevity virtual care and e-solution experts work with you to better understand your patient/ client population needs, design patient and provider workflows, conduct feasibility studies to identify the right solutions, analyze impacts to resource scheduling and budgets, and provide the change management best practices that guarantee successful adoption. ​


Command Centres facilitate daily operations, collaboration and insights in hospital systems flows. They enable cross functional teams to work together efficiently and improve visibility through all levels of care. Healthcare command centres are like air traffic control systems for patients.​

Jurisdictions around the world understand the many benefits of integrated healthcare service delivery; from seamless patient care experiences, to better outcomes, to best use of capabilities and resources. Yet many are still in the early days of their journeys to connect care providers and services across levels of care and realize the vision of truly integrated service delivery. It is an ambitious and necessary journey, with headwinds that include legacy processes and structures, challenges with sharing capacity and demand, and lack of situational awareness across the care continuum. ​

Based on strong clinical and business intelligence foundations, command centres simultaneously improve care quality and optimize capacity and patient flow. They embed virtual care to keep patients at home wherever possible, ensuring that care plans are shared among all providers including the patient and their informal caregiver network.​

Gevity consultants offer the experience to help you build your business case for implementing a comprehensive command centre, and the business and staged implementation plans to make sure you and your patients realize the benefits.​