Gevity’s management consultants help clients establish successful organizational, program and product level strategies. We know what works and what doesn’t. We ensure our clients are well-positioned to act on solid strategies and measure implementation results. 

We offer a range of services to help organizations establish IM/IT strategic plans, procure solutions and evaluate performance. 

Every organization is unique. Our consultants tailor the development process to the individual needs and characteristics of your organization. Common to all our engagements is our unwavering focus on helping our clients achieve stakeholder buy-in. We know that effective stakeholder engagement is key to successful development, adoption and sustainability of any healthcare solution. Leverage our extensive engagement experience across multi-disciplinary and inter-organizational settings to help design and deliver your fit-for-purpose stakeholder engagement strategies that ensure the right stakeholders are engaged, at the right time, using appropriate techniques and methods. Whether it’s devising innovative engagement approaches, undertaking stakeholder segmentation analysis, or facilitating workshops and focus groups, we can help you avoid potential costly surprises and realize your business objectives through timely, meaningful engagement.


Gevity helps health systems' owners strategize new speciality centres and clinic consolidation. We develop governance mandates, terms of reference and accountability mechanisms that ensure facilities meet or exceed required standards.

We also review policies to ensure alignment with local regulations, legislation and international best practices for quality and patient safety as well as sustainability policies that drive better resource utilization, reduce waste, carbon footprint and costs.

We also offer experts who specialize in security and privacy reviews and assessments.


We work with clients at all stages of organizational maturity and evolution, from those creating visions and values for new organizations, to mature organizations conducting detailed analysis of the people, processes, and technology required to deliver strategic goals.

Drawing on our industry knowledge from around the world, we utilize leading-edge practices to help clients understand all the factors that influence their organizations’ ability to achieve superior results.


Our experts support procurement activities for government, international organizations, not-for-profit and private enterprises. We help develop and frame the vision and requirements that will identify the best solution to meet client needs and achieve desired outcomes. We can then develop the business case and economic model, draft procurement documents, and support proposal evaluation. 


At Gevity, we know performance management processes tighten the links between strategic business objectives, day-to-day actions, and results. Business pressures are ever-increasing, driving organizations to become ever more effective and efficient, improve business strategy execution, and to do more with less, all while continuing to deliver value. We leverage industry best practices, methodologies and tooling, such as balanced scorecards, all with the goal of providing our clients with a solid foundation for ongoing performance management.

Our services include performance & benefits evaluation, program evaluation, and project evaluation.