• Gevity clinician specialists offer both front line and IT/IM experience in the seniors' care space:​
  • Business strategy—looking for strategic advice on market size, SWOT/PESTEL analysis and the like? Gevity's experts can provide the market entry/ opportunity consultation services to get you started on the right road.​
  • Management—need to fill a management gap right now with someone who can hit the ground running; or respond to an urgent crisis situation? We can fill the gaps, accurately diagnose and treat your situation, make recommendations, and support their implementation.​
  • System and process improvement—know you want to make positive changes but not sure where to start? We can assess your systems, provide recommendations for improvement, enhance and optimize processes, develop a business case for system upgrades or replacement, and support any conversions.​
  • Interconnectivity—want to link up your data with other organizations to bring better care to your senior patients? Leverage our domain expertise across the different areas of healthcare—home and long-term care, primary care, acute care, public health, and all related technology standards. See our Health Data Exchange offering (NTD insert hyper link here), for more information.​


Increasingly complex medical technologies coupled with rising stakeholder expectations demands the focused expertise that Gevity biomedical specialists offer. Put our proven know-how in biomedical technology procurement and integration, planning and costing, project management, and clinical engineering department support to work for you.​


Gevity consultants love to play in this sandbox. Our knowledge and experience in the eHealth standards and architecture space is extensive. We support national program activities, engaging with or monitoring most major international health informatics standards organizations including, Health Level Seven International (HL7®), the International Health Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO), the International Standards Organization’s technical group 215 (ISO/TC 215), and others. We understand the intricacies of different interoperability modalities and savor the challenge of appropriately marrying them with clinical terminologies to drive clinical and business benefits, layering these objectives into contemporary eHealth architectures at facility, region or national levels.