Gevity has experience managing and contributing to hundreds of projects for a broad and diverse array of clients both in Canada and internationally. We understand very well how each and every project has unique needs and requires different skill sets and resource proficiency levels. Our staff augmentation offering allows our clients to select the right consultant for a specific need for a specified period of time – from a junior business analyst to a senior strategic advisor and everyone in between.

We provide you, our clients, with resource options in a timely manner in support of your dynamic project consulting needs. We also support our staff and clients to ensure that our consultants stay “fit for purpose”, and to identify alternative delivery mechanisms that can provide higher value for less. As one example, Gevity is able to provide specialist services in testing, clinical coding and user interface design via our Philippine-based office, offering experienced staff at cost effective price points. Let us work with you to determine the appropriate staff augmentation model for your needs. 

Let us be your eHealth Recruitment Department:

Our six-stage hiring process ensures that each person joining our team will not only add significant value to Gevity and to our clients, but aligned to our corporate culture and prepared to embrace our core values.

Quality attracts quality and our people are the best. We can provide you with the health informatics consultants you need, whenever and wherever you need them.