Data has become the lifeblood of healthcare delivery, making it one of the most critical assets requiring investment and management. Today’s health information systems environment is a complex web of interconnected but often disparate systems. Integration Engines pump data among and between your portfolio of internal clinical and business systems while Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and federated Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) play a similar vital role in interorganizational data exchange. These connected systems support not only smooth day-to-day operations of your health system but are also key to providing timely and potentially lifesaving information to clinicians.

Effective management of your interoperability platforms involves more than reacting to the growing list of interfaces required as new application systems are introduced or upgraded, or as new regulations are imposed. Just as with a human heart, this engine requires ongoing care and feeding; something that often gets overlooked.

The complexity brought about by the proliferation of systems with disparate data formats and structures—combined with the growing realization of the critical importance of data in the management of efficient and effective healthcare operations—continues to drive demand for seamless interoperability between information systems. Information governance and sound integration expertise are needed to bring data from these disparate source systems into an interoperability nexus where it is transformed into reliable and trusted data from which meaningful operational and strategic insights can be drawn to inform decisions at the point of care and strategies in the board room.

At Gevity, interoperability and the effective use of health data standards like HL7® FHIR® as well as clinical terminologies like SNOMED CT® are in our DNA and part of our core expertise. This expertise underpins our Health Data Exchange (HDX) practice as well as several of our advisory services with respect to information governance, interoperability strategies, as well as solutions and data architectures.

Our team of healthcare technologists can help ensure that your HDX strategy, infrastructure and solutions are aligned with the business needs of your organization and well positioned to respond to the ever-changing technical and regulatory requirements. We have a long and successful track record of helping clients design and implement HDX systems and standards.  We also bring to bear our information governance, architecture and project management expertise on all our engagements to ensure they are delivered successfully, on time and on budget.

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Our team of HDX experts have developed focused service offerings that leverage proprietary methods and tools to deliver exceptional value to your data exchange needs. Click any of the links below to learn more about our detailed offerings:

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