The sections below outline our detailed offerings under the HDX Service Line.

Interoperability Roadmap

Gevity has developed a methodology to assist healthcare organizations in developing an interoperability roadmap that outlines concrete objectives for enhanced data exchange, both internally and with external data partners. This roadmap lays out a clear path for the alignment of information technology investments and key decisions as they relate to data sharing for a rolling period of 3 years. Our proprietary approach takes into consideration the internal infrastructure, ongoing investments, organizational context, existing strategies and combines them with market trends, evolving standards, regulatory requirements along with best practices from leading organizations in the sector.

Architecture Review

Engage our team of experts to evaluate your HDX environment in detail using Gevity’s Architecture Ecosystem Assessment™, a TOGAF-inspired methodology. We will document your current state and drill down through structured workshops with key stakeholders to inspect your application components and architecture patterns. This includes but is not limited to: data exchange and persistence models; workflow, orchestration and queuing approaches; SMART on FHIR application integration; cloud service strategies; as well as the associated technology and infrastructure underpinnings. Where applicable, our team uses sophisticated log analysis and tracing approaches to gather empirical measurements. Our analysis, findings and recommendations report will provide guidance to optimize performance (both computing and storage), scalability, reliability, availability and security with a focus on the implementation and use of data standards like FHIR, best practice architecture patterns, and infrastructure (whether on-prem or cloud).

Integration Health Check

Gevity has developed a proprietary tool to assess the current state of your integration solutions, your interface engine and, if applicable, your internal health information exchange platform. The objective of this assessment is to provide a snapshot of your technical and operational readiness to support the existing strategies of your organization and to highlight any risks or pitfalls that you may not be aware of. Our 50-point health check is quick, requiring only a few hours of your team’s time to gather the information we need to provide you with a detailed report.

HDX System Implementation & Maintenance

Gevity brings decades of experience implementing interface engines, HIEs and interoperability platforms. Our engineers, analysts and developers have a deep experience with a variety of HDX product sets, architectures and technologies to help augment your internal capacity or capability.

The services we provide for all interoperability technologies include the following:
Independent advice to select and procure new HDX solutions;
System implementation and migration;
Interface and FHIR® API development, conversion and maintenance;
Custom development services; and

InterSystems Solutions

Gevity is a recognized InterSystems implementation partner with extensive expertise on InterSystems IRIS®, HealthShare®, HealthConnect®, Ensemble®, Caché® and TrakCare®. We offer additional turnkey services specific to these products with set and predictable budgeting, such as the following:
Integrated software and service solutions;
Fixed-fee IRIS and HealthShare upgrades;
Interface development per set rates;
Custom learning workshops; and
Annual subscription for unlimited upgrade and interface support.

Standards and Terminology Expertise

Gevity is a world leader in developing large-scale health information exchange specifications. In particular, our experts have helped author the FHIR® standard and contribute to its global adoption, contributing to core HL7® governance processes and working groups. Our multidisciplinary team leverages cutting-edge reference models, terminologies and publicly available tools to help you get the maximum clinical value out of your CDA®, HL7® and FHIR® implementations.
Our offerings include the following:
Customized FHIR and SMART on FHIR education and training;
FHIR usability assessments;
System architecture and design that get the most out of FHIR implementations;
Mapping between FHIR implementations and against other standards;
Terminology analysis, mapping and value sets; and
SMART on FHIR application development.


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