At Gevity, we understand that effectively managing human nature across stakeholders, skill sets, perspectives and roles requires a strong suite of change management, training and support tools.

We have the know-how and background experience to assist your team through our service offerings:

  • Change Management:
    • Our change management experts bring together the theoretical and domain knowledge of the processes and tools required to successfully transition organizations to their desired future state.
    • Our experts are Prosci® certified and familiar with advanced learning techniques and best practices to effectively lead transformative change across organizations.
  • Training:
    • Our trainers apply best practices in the most cost effective and supportive manner in order to pass on the knowledge of how to use and manage a specific system to new and expert users.
  • Support:
    • We have a long history of setting up, providing and managing support infrastructures to industry best practices, such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®).
    • Our certified resources can provide strategic planning, implementation and transfer of all the critical components required in a support infrastructure.