Gevity offers a wide range of mobile, cloud, web, server and desktop application development services tailored for the specific needs of the healthcare and social services industry. We recognize that nimble mission-critical applications, easily adapted to meet new business requirements, are vital for healthcare organizations striving to provide better care for their patients and populations.

Gevity leverages proven and widely practiced software engineering principles throughout the core activities of the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC), using various adapted methodologies such as, Agile Software Development, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Joint Application Development (JAD) and Lean Software Engineering. The methodologies we use are determined based on our client’s needs for each specific project.

The Gevity development team creates solutions using the best tools available and appropriate enterprise solution patterns. Our team members include well-regarded software development industry leaders, including Apple WebObjects specialists.

At Gevity, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of internationally recognized enterprise application development and maintenance services to our clients:

  • Development:

    • We are a leading edge contract development house that designs, builds, modifies, and maintains enterprise applications.
    • We provide custom solutions for our clients that take into consideration their budget, requirements, and timeline constraints.
    • Our expert team members are proficient in current technologies such as: .NET, SharePoint, Biztalk, SQL Server and related Microsoft Technologies, Java, J2EE, ADF, iOS and Mobile Application Development, Salesforce, Oracle, as well as others.
  • Deployment:

    • We are able to provide deployment support to ensure applications are properly implemented including briefing internal staff members on monitoring and tracking processes.
  • Hosting Advisory Services:

    • We help our clients make sustainable choices that will yield optimal Total Cost of Ownership and desired scalability.
    • Whether the preferred hosting is in the Cloud, on-premises or at a hosting provider, we help our clients determine the best scenario based on the size of the application, its requirements and the policies in place.
  • Enterprise Integration Services:

    • We help our clients achieve successful integration projects, using selected healthcare integration platforms tailored to handle complex and large-scale environments.
    • These platforms are very scalable, lightweight, and allow for a wide variety of scenarios.
    • We enable our clients to integrate all their systems including legacy systems, EMR, EHR, HIS, clinical systems, LIS, RIS and EMPI.
    • We leverage our clients’ existing data to create rich mobile applications that will help improve patient care and safety.