As health systems expand clinical information system use across complex organizational structures, clarity in roles and accountabilities related to managing, sharing, accessing and using information assets is paramount.​

Organizations with mature IG processes realize more return on their costly technology and system implementation investments. That’s an incontrovertible fact. In order to best leverage your information and data assets to meet your organization’s strategic and operational objectives in today’s complex environments, you need information governance (IG) now more than ever. ​

More than just legal and risk management, IG covers the full information life cycle from capture, formation, usage and storage to deletion. The industry standard frameworks we bring to the job benefit from our years of practical experience helping clients maximize the value of information for planning, direct care and research activities. ​

Gevity’s full-service information governance process begins with a comprehensive audit and assessment of your information management structures, roles, policies, processes, and documentation. We then create and implement a custom information governance program to address the gaps, build on cultural, operational and technical strengths, tackle change management, and create a roadmap to successful execution. Key components of our approach include:​

  • Learning through practical doing. We shy away from academic lessons, instead engaging your leaders with straightforward, active self-assessment tools that drive simultaneous learning and consensus building around the IG issues facing your leadership team.​
  • Helping your organization increase the volume and velocity of data sharing while complying with privacy and security requirements.​
  • Paying close attention to process standardization and meaningful stakeholder engagement as foundational to data quality and successful IG.​
  • Using a fine-tuned, sensitive approach to managing local structural issues as organizational transformations are underway.​

Gevity’s data analytics practice offers experienced system architects, implementation experts, data standards experts and system transformation leaders who come armed with a deep appreciation of the challenges and opportunities that your information assets present.