A Centre of Excellence refers to a team, a shared facility, a clinic or specialized practice that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a clinical specialization domain.

As care becomes more complex and specializations increase, efficiencies can be gained when a health system or healthcare facility develops a Centre of Excellence around a specific clinical or care domain. The implementation of a Centre of Excellence enables clinicians and specialists to collaborate in either the same physical space or virtually, utilizing the latest technology. The physical or virtual consultation enables implementation of best practices for clinical care or case management, thus improving patient care, treatment flows, and patient outcomes.

Health facilities can develop a Centre of Excellence to increase their specialization in a clinical domain and demonstrate their specialized niche leadership, expertise and innovative potential for either their health region or catchment area.

Our Focus:

Based on our expertise in creating and establishing Centres of Excellence, we can guide you through developing:

  • Business cases, business plans, needs and competitive assessments
  • Care flows and pathways
  • Best practices (clinical guidelines, operational efficiencies, patient access, etc.)
  • Interdepartmental collaboration or new service specialty / service offerings
  • Communication strategy (to referring physicians, clinics, hospitals, patients, etc.)
  • Program evaluation and strategy (key performance indicators (KPIs) and impact assessment), benefits evaluation
  • Training programs: connecting you with the right university to develop fellowships and rotation programs, with assistance every step of the way
  • Research tools: enabling controlled access to data, development of a research project, team or expertise centre

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you, or:

Marc Koehn, Chief Operating Officer