The Gevity team comprises consultants from a variety of backgrounds, from clinical, to engineering, to business, to training. This diverse mix of individuals dedicated to providing the best for our clients also includes a number of former healthcare managers. Our core values and philosophy has attracted individual thought leaders in specialized fields to find a home at Gevity, creating a unique pool of experts focused on improving our health system.

Our pool of experts, with certifications ranging from Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to Master Black Belt, are well versed in industry best practices and understand the tools required for system optimization and process improvement.

We have experience with change management and business process re-engineering, improvements and optimization in a wide variety of settings, including:

  • Key areas of acute care hospitals, such as the operating room (OR), emergency department (ED) or intensive care unit (ICU)
  • High cost support services, such as biomedical engineering, information technology, core lab or sterilization departments
  • Primary care settings such as home care services, community care centres, family health teams and long term care facilities
  • Patient care pathways implementation and optimization
  • Regional and provincial optimization and standardization efforts for health services and information systems

Gevity’s expert offerings aim to help our clients:

  • Eliminate non value-added steps
  • Reduce delays in order to improve access to care
  • Improve patient and personnel safety, quality of care and overall productivity
  • Improve staff and patient satisfaction
  • Reduce operational costs

We have adapted our approach to take into account the stakeholder structure of a health care environment; the regulatory, political and economic context, as well as the complex priorities of a clinical setting.

Our approach is centred upon the mission and values of the healthcare and government organizations we serve, specifically:

  • Engaging key stakeholders in the governance of transformational projects
  • Engaging staff and physicians to identify problems, propose solutions and recommend best practices
  • Focusing on the client and sponsor of the transformation project, to ensure they are at the heart of the decisions they will need to uphold
  • Ensuring strong authority delegation so the decision process can happen as closely as possible to the action
  • Promoting environmental sustainability by ensuring continuous improvement of waste elimination and compelling increased responsibility of all those involved
  • Sponsoring a long term vision and plan that will ensure the sustainability of improvements

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you, or:

Valerie Lukac, Associate Managing Partner