Gevitys clinical and administrative experts understand what is required to lead, manage and operate organizations, including clinics, hospitals, labs and ministry initiatives in an effective and patient/ population focused manner. We know what works and what doesn’t. We transfer this knowledge and experience directly to our clients to help support successful outcomes in keeping with multiple measurement metrics

Our team has wide ranging experience in local, national and international management roles. We offer proven and comprehensive management services to support wide-ranging initiatives, including hospital facilities development, commissioning and operations.

As your partner, we can assist you in key areas of initiative management, such as:

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Advising on organizational deployment, governance and program evaluation.
  • Strategizing on new speciality centre and hospital operationalization and health agency and clinic consolidation.

Governance Model Development & Operationalization 

  • Developing governance mandates, terms of reference and accountability.
  • Using predetermined business and quality objectives to ensure facilities meets or exceeds provincial, national and/or international standards.
  • Working with executives, management team members and clinical staff, focused on aligning priorities and managing change.
  • Oversight using continuous monitoring and improvement of facility operations, using benchmarking and performance measurement techniques.
  • Developing performance management strategies and frameworks, which include program profiles, logic models, evaluation plans and risk assessment and mitigation approaches.
  • Providing comprehensive, in-depth training programs conducted by our subject-matter experts for integration and merger organizational change.

Policy Review and Development

  • Reviewing policy to ensure alignment with local regulations, legislation and international best practices including quality and patient safety.
  • Developing policy for and deploying a system-wide approach to quality improvement and patient safety activities.
  • Advancing sustainability policies such as, determining how to better utilize resources and reduce waste, carbon footprint and costs.
  • Security and privacy reviews and assessments.
  • Procurement Support, which can include:
    • Developing business cases, as well as managing review and approval process.
    • Economic model development and negotiation.
    • Procurement vehicle drafting and evaluation support, including subject matter expertise for evaluation support.

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you, or:

Sebastien Roy, Vice President