At Gevity, we know performance management processes tighten the link between strategic business objectives and day-to-day actions. Business pressures are ever increasing and organizations must become even more effective and efficient, improve their execution of business strategies, and do more with less, all while continuing to deliver value.

We leverage industry best practices, methodologies and tooling, such as the Balanced Scorecard(1) to provide our clients with a solid foundation for ongoing performance management.

Our senior performance management experts are certified management consultants with more than 20 years of related experience. We can help you realize your strategic goals and build performance management competencies within your organization.

Performance and Benefits Evaluation

Gevity’s team works collaboratively with executives, management team members and staff to examine the root causes associated with poor performance and to establish plans that ensure your organization has the governance, people, processes and tools in place to fuel your improvement.

Specific to eHealth, we offer extensive knowledge and expertise in various best-of-breed Benefits Evaluation Frameworks for Electronic Health Records that can be applied independently or augment an overall performance management framework. Our performance evaluations examine your investment and benefit targets, comparing them to actual results. 

Program Evaluation:

  • Every organization is unique. Our experts tailor the program evaluation plan to the individual needs and characteristics of each organization. In general, our methodology starts with understanding the program’s goals, success metrics, and operational environment in order to define the data that will need to be collected in to support the program evaluation.
  • Our data collection and analysis typically involves examining program success metrics, budgets, organization charts, staff competencies, business processes, and stakeholder satisfaction with the program’s services.
  • We draw on our industry knowledge from around the world and leading practices to help clients evaluate their programs against similar industry comparators in order to determine if the programs are providing value for money and adhering to best practices.
  • Our findings are synthesized into a series of prioritized recommendations and associated action plans to help clients improve their programs. We work closely with our clients and their stakeholders to ensure the plans can be successfully executed.

Project Evaluation:

  • Similar to program evaluation, we start with understanding the project goals, risks and operational environment to identify the data that will need to be collected.
  • Our project management experts are PMBOK and PRINCE2 certified. They use these bodies of knowledge to review projects from several dimensions: ability to accurately forecast costs, effort, duration, and task sequencing; manage risks; manage change; and the overall quality of the project deliverables.
  • After gathering the data and conducting our analysis, we then speak to project team members, stakeholders and governance bodies to understand how well the project related processes are being managed and governed. 
  • Our findings are synthesized into a series of categorized and prioritized recommendations that help clients understand if project underperformance is due to the people and processes directly linked to the project or if there are broader organizational factors at play.  Similar to program evaluation, our next step is to work with clients and their stakeholders to develop action plans to address root causes and ensure the success of future projects.

Stakeholder Engagement and Facilitation

We believe effective stakeholder engagement is key to the successful development, adoption and sustainability of any healthcare strategy or solution. Our trained experts leverage their extensive engagement experience in multi-disciplinary and inter-organizational settings to help our clients design and deliver fit for purpose stakeholder engagement strategies that ensure the right stakeholders are engaged, at the right time, using the appropriate techniques and methods. 

Whether it’s devising innovative engagement approaches, undertaking stakeholder segmentation analysis, facilitating workshops or focus groups, our team members can help you avoid potential costly surprises and realize your business objectives through timely, meaningful engagement.

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you.

1 - Robert S. Kaplan, David P. Norton, The Balanced Scorecard (Cambridge: Harvard Business Review Press, 1996).