Gevity’s strategic planning experts have the knowledge and experience to assist in successfully establishing organizational, program and product level strategies. We know what works and what doesn’t. We transfer this knowledge and experience directly to our clients to ensure you are positioned to act on the strategies and measure the results of your implementation. 

We offer a range of services to help organizations establish their IM/IT strategic plans and evaluate their performance.

Every organization is unique. Our strategic planning experts tailor the development process to the individual needs and characteristics of your organization. Common to all of our strategic planning engagements is our unwavering focus on helping our clients achieve stakeholder buy-in to the recommended strategies.

Our team works with clients at varying stages of organizational maturity and evolution, from creating visions and values for new organizations, through to detailed analysis of the people, processes, and technology required to deliver strategic goals in mature organizations.

We draw on our industry knowledge from around the world and utilize leading-edge practices to help clients understand both the external and internal factors that will influence their organizations’ ability to achieve superior results.

Health System Project Planning

Gevity consultants have wide-ranging expertise in planning and implementing healthcare projects at the regional, provincial and national levels in Canada, as well as internationally. Each of our project managers is certified by the Project Management Institute, and each implements industry best practices, including the PRINCE2© methodology.

Our qualified project managers help clients maneuver through their most complex initiatives.

eHealth Strategy Development

Gevity’s strength in health informatics and clinical practice allows us to be in a unique position to truly understand, evaluate and identify gaps in an health organizations overarching strategy for the use of information and communications technologies in the provisions and management of healthcare. Our consultants have a deep understanding and expertise of current best clinical and technical practices that can be applied an organization’s long term strategic vision and create a roadmap that fills the identified gaps and achieve that vision. Our team has developed strategies for public and private sector organizations including health regions/authorities, provincial and federal departments.

Primary Care Integration

Gevity ultimately strives to improve the patient journey, experience and satisfaction by delivering on its mission in informatics for a healthier world and integrated systems for health.

Primary care integration focuses on funding, administrative, organizational, service delivery and clinical levels designed to create connectivity, alignment and collaboration within and between various sectors to enhance quality of care and quality of life, patient satisfaction and system efficiency for patients with complex problems cutting across multiple providers, services and settings.

Our portfolio of services in strategic planning for primary care integration include:

  • Enhance service coordination and continuity of care
  • Strengthen system links between primary / secondary, health / social, and behavioural / physical care
  • Foster overall improvements in service quality, personal health status, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Improve the patient/user experience, their quality of life, and satisfaction
  • Design, deliver and implement processes and systems to control or reduce costs
  • Change management initiatives to improve partnerships
  • Develop organizational governance structures and guidelines
  • Enable greater efficiency of the health system
  • Connect primary care research to transforming primary healthcare delivery via Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) initiatives

Gevity Consultants provide strategic planning at three connected levels:

  • At the health ministry / government level, where policy, financing, and regulation sets the stage
  • At the organizational / care delivery level where provider organizations interact
  • At the micro level, in primary care groups, family health teams community health centers where professionals and patients meet in the caring enterprise

Correctional Services Primary Care Implementation

In November 2003, a Canadian health council representing all correctional organizations determined that British Columbia Corrections would lead the development of an inmate health information system, with the following objectives:

  • Build and leverage national and regional public partnerships and policy advantages
  • Provide confidential and appropriate electronic sharing of inmate health records between corrections, public health and health authority service providers
  • Ensure improved accountability and service delivery, diagnostics, immunization and treatment
  • Able to support clients in both custody and in the community
  • Reduce or eliminate manual health records
  • Leverage the significant research opportunities using non-nominal data over the years
  • Consistent with the Electronic Health Record initiative

e-Referral, e-Consult and TeleHealth implementation 

An increasingly engaged and informed patient population is looking for more flexible solutions to meet their health care needs, ranging from the ability to schedule a referral electronically, seeing a family physician via a virtual consultation, or having their care monitored via a home-based patient monitoring system.  

Strategic planning and implementation support services for virtual care or e-solutions such as eReferral, eConsult and TeleHealth can help you to ensure that your clients are receiving the right level of care at the right time and in a way that is efficient and transparent and responsive to their unique care needs and preferences.

Our experts in eReferral, eConsult and TeleHealth work with you to better understand your patient/client population needs, assess current processes to identify opportunities for efficiency, conduct feasibility studies to identify the right solutions and provide industry best practices in change management to guarantee successful adoption. 

Pharmacy and Medication Management Strategy 

The landscape of healthcare is changing rapidly. Within the area of Medication Management, there have been significant changes to the scope of practice for pharmacists and to regulatory requirements, as well as in technology, medication delivery, and processes and requirements for medication reconciliation and review.

Gevity offers a range of services to support strategic planning to meet the changes and expansion of scope in this area. These services include development of strategies to support implementation of medication reconciliation and review, Drug Information Systems, and e-Prescribing, as well as clinical adoption, standards, analytics and pharmacovigiliance.

Public and Community Health Planning 

Many public health organizations have made significant investments in the implementation of electronic information systems: now is time to use the data effectively. Let’s make a positive impact. Public health has a broad mandate and limited resources. Timely, focused data capture, analysis and use allows organizations to rapidly identify public health issues and define responses. It also drives detection of urgent health risks or broader systemic challenges that compel stakeholders to engage in program development and define sustainable intervention strategies. Our public health strategic advisory services are based on public health expertise, including communicable and chronic disease surveillance, immunization, and family health - while recognizing the interconnection to other health domains. Let us help you use the deep knowledge but limited time of your executive team to identify areas of focus for your organization. Our Strategic Advisors use proven best practices and processes to deliver results such as:

  • Environmental scans / assessments to form the baseline for strategic planning
  • Development of end-to-end business plans
  • Governance structure setup and operationalization – information and management
  • Policy review and development
  • Facilitation of executive-level groups to achieve specific objectives

Laboratory Systems Integration

Gevity offers a full range of strategic planning services to ensure successful Laboratory Information System (LIS) implementation and integration projects. Our expert laboratory team members have extensive experience working with broad range of LIS products, with elaborate integration scenarios and with complex LIS data aggregation projects.

We support our clients in every phase of a LIS project, including:

  • Business requirements gathering and clinical assessment
  • Writing a request for proposal (RFP)
  • Evaluating different vendors and propositions
  • Change management and stakeholders engagement
  • Optimization of lab workflows and processes
  • Integration with other systems
  • Integration with a regional or a national EHR
  • Enabling interoperability using HL7 message standards (HL7 V2, HL7 V3, HL7 CDA, HL7 FHIR)
  • Mapping to terminology standards such as LOINC and SNOMED-CT
  • Data migration and analytics.