Implementing a healthcare, social service or life science information or supporting management system is not a simple process. Organizations, providers, clients and patients want timely access to accurate and pertinent information, securely and privately.

In an era in which single monolithic systems are unable to provide solutions for all requirements, and in which each organization within the continuum of care can not afford stand-alone systems to fulfill their expectations, organizations now work together to integrate, develop and implement systems to support a common set of service delivery, management, client and patient requirements. Layered over this complex web of applications, are enterprise-supporting systems for governance, security, privacy and reporting. As a whole this complex and rich environment drives the need for effective change planning, clinical support, and process leaning to support an effective and efficient transition from their existing electronic and paper based systems.

Gevity’s deep experience helping clients to successfully plan, select, develop, implement and transition to new solutions, ensures we have the methodologies, knowledge and experience to meet our client’s needs. Our specialists have experience managing and assisting with visioning, procurement, development, testing, integration, migration, governance and long-term service management for solutions for small organizational groups to larger facility, regional, provincial and national organizations.

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