All organizations, providers, and patients really want is secure, private, timely access to accurate, complete, pertinent information.

In an era where single monolithic systems can’t provide solutions that bridge all the players’ requirements, organizations need to work together to ensure their systems and processes can be integrated, and their data viewed with a common lens.

Implementing a new healthcare systems solution is never a simple process. This complex, rich environment requires effective change management, clinical support, process learning, and integration planning to support effective, efficient transition from existing electronic and paper based systems.

Need help with solution visioning, procurement, development, testing, integration, migration, governance and long-term service management for small organizational groups all the way up to larger facility, regional, provincial/ state and national organizations? Gevity healthy project delivery teams include Gevity clinician experts, so we can ensure that your implementation takes into consideration all the impacts to health service delivery and ultimately your patients.

Give your team a leg up, by using Gevity Healthy Projects processes specifically designed to meet your unique needs and requirements, for:

•Project planning, visioning & requirements definition
•Change management
•Integration, migration & quality assurance
•Go-live support
•Enhancement & upgrade management

Take advantage of our services, tailored to your specific environment, such as:

•Public Health—Gevity’s specialists offer substantial experience implementing jurisdiction-level public health solutions such as Panorama, and Salesforce
•Clinical Information Systems—our teams know how to support a range of contemporary clinical system implementations, notably EPIC, Cerner and Meditech
•Virtual Care Solutions—employ our remote patient monitoring, patient engagement tool, telehealth and related solutions implementation experience to get your virtual care solution off the ground.

Whether you are implementing new processes to reflect organizational changes, or embarking on your digital transformation journey, Gevity’s specialists can help you plan, select, develop, implement and transition to new solutions, as we have successfully done for so many other clients. It’s what we do, to enable a healthier world.