With key expertise in comprehensive change management and its collateral elements—training, communications, and engagement—our change managers can assess your project’s needs, identify strategies, develop and execute effective change plans.  

As Prosci® certified change management professionals with extensive clinical, business and organizational change management experience, Gevity’s change management specialists apply the industry-standard ADKAR methodology, baked into our Gevity Healthy Projects Method, to develop change plans that support your projects from the planning stages right through to completion. We also leverage broader approaches, such as Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Change.

Our experience has shown us the value of fully integrated teams, so we strive to integrate seamlessly with our clients’ teams and those of your other partners. We have the know-how and background experience to assist your team through our service offerings:


  • Our trainers apply best practices supportively and cost effectively, providing what your users – both new and experienced – need to know to manage your systems
  • An effective train-the-trainer approach and at-the-elbow (in person and virtual) support ensure that your staff are well trained and benefit from sustainable education plans to keep their capabilities current
  • To support large facilities or multi-facility implementations, you can utilize proven Gevity trainer teams as needed


  • Clear communication methods, appropriate language and timely delivery of the information your staff need to do their jobs are all critical to achieving new system adoption. It is equally important to understand the channels that work best in your organization to enable broad reception and understanding of your key messages and goals. Gevity communication specialists understand the stakes, and make sure that your staff do too.


  • Organizational change requires not only collaborative engagement but often injecting new ideas and concepts. Gevity’s approach ensures expertly facilitated engagements that produce durable consensus. We encourage your stakeholders to stretch their thinking “outside the box”, and then shape their innovations to meet your vision and goals. 
  • Certain discussions require group interactions while others require one-on-one dialog. Particularly in the latter case we are firm believers in the “management by walking around” philosophy, engaging certain stakeholders at task gap times or “in context” to deepen our engagement. 

At Gevity, we pride ourselves on respectful, friendly, open, dialogue that hears everyone out, utilizing an appreciative inquiry approach that successfully engages project stakeholders in self-determined change.