Many systems today are upgraded on fixed schedules—quarterly, semi-annual or annual—to stay current with new functionality, to implement enhancements or simply to remain compliant with service level agreements. Gevity can provide support in one of two ways:

  • Capacity surge:
    • –Knowledgeable/ certified consultants can augment your internal team temporarily during an upgrade
  • 2.Outsourced upgrade service:
    • –As part of a fixed monthly subscription, Gevity can complete upgrades on an agreed schedule
    • –All activities are done by Gevity consultants within your environment and to your timelines
    • –Project management and quality assurance are included as key service components

Either service can help prevent capacity challenges while ensuring your organization stays current. Frequently it can be cost efficient to outsource these tasks to experienced consultants who do many similar upgrades.

Depending on your needs, other services such as change management can be included.