No project is finished until the new solution is fully in production. Your change management strategy and plan should cover your go-live approach and specify the ongoing support your staff will need. This rule applies equally to technical and business process implementations.

The major considerations that Gevity trainers and CM specialists ensure as part of supporting your successful transition to operations include:

  • Ensuring full and detailed knowledge transfer to your staff
  • Engaging your operations team, data centre and help desk staff early and providing them with the operations guides and processes they need to enable a smooth go-live transition
  • Developing technical documentation your data centre and help desk staff will need, as well as instructions on how to handle non-technical events that may occur post-go live

At-the-elbow (ATE) support can really facilitate your organization’s transition to the new solution and maximise adoption. Gevity ATE support can work right alongside your staff (in person or virtually) to answer any questions, concerns or problems they have in the first few days after go-live. Our consultants join your team for a short time, providing customized support under your leadership / guidance.

Today, many clients are choosing to move their infrastructure from on-premises to cloud. Certified Gevity consultants can provide strategic planning, implementation and transfer all the critical components to support your move.