The well-worn business adage that you can’t manage what you can’t measure is no less true in the health and social services sectors as it is in all enterprises. The drive to continuously improve outcomes for patients and populations while bending the cost curve demands a clear understanding of a wide range of factors.

Population and demographic trends help shape our understanding of demand. Treatment patterns and associated outcomes help us plan services and shape clinical practice. Twitter feeds and Google search statistics can help predict emergency room visits, as well as disease outbreaks.

Our Health Business Intelligence (BI) practice offers a unique combination of skills.

We have deep expertise in the development, operation and management of analytic solutions. We understand the unique world of Health Informatics including both the challenges of unstructured data, as well as the complexities of clinical ontologies. Our involvement in projects across the full spectrum and at all levels of the system allows our teams to have exceptional contextual insights. These insights include a clear understanding of population health and overall health system management, as well as the needs across the full range of care settings.

Our team has developed a methodology grounded in helping organizations improve their programs and services by gleaning real and useful information from their data. We call it Lifecycle Thinking.

Currently, our teams are applying our proven methodology, tools and services on projects for clients including the British Columbia Ministry of Health, the British Columbia Ministry of Education, the Ontario Ministry of Health as well as the Ontario Medical Association.

Previously we also assisted the Alberta Health System in the development of a strategy for analytical user support services and the requirements for an associated health analytics portal.

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Marc Koehn, Chief Operating Officer