At Gevity, we are proud of our ability to provide our clients with expert services tailored to their needs. Our eHealth Standards and Terminology team includes consultants with an understanding of what is required to design an eHealth system that is secure and interoperable.

HL7 Messaging and Clinical Documents

Gevity’s consultants specialize in interoperability standards for healthcare and social services informatics. These systems provide the data decision makers need to improve lives.

Several Gevity staff members have been long time participants, thought leaders, and sponsors of the international standard, HL7®. Many of our experts have also been involved in HL7® standard and SNOMED CT® standard development and evolution.

In addition, our staff has deep knowledge of the content, committees, and tools related to each of the following HL7® standards:

  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
  • HL7® v3 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
  • HL7® v3 Messaging
  • HL7® v2 Messaging

We assist clients with a range of standards services, helping them through every stage of the system development lifecycle, including:

  • Education – for management and technical audiences
  • Assessments – evaluating HL7® usability and/or readiness within business workflow, and conducting fit / gap assessments between two or more potential HL7® implementations
  • Solution Architecture – leveraging appropriate HL7® standards in EHR integration solutions (e.g. the integration of CDA with cross document sharing repository solutions [XDS] and client identity management [I-XDS] Specification Development) for all strategic, business and technical artefacts
  • Specification Design – from facilitating agreement on requirements amongst stakeholder communities to creating implementer-friendly and computer-testable implementation guides
  • Implementation Support – fully outsourced or supporting implementation teams including change management
  • Conformance – all aspects from framework development to testing and execution
  • Maintenance and Change Management – including shepherding changes via HL7® International and/or through pan-Canadian and jurisdictional processes


Gevity clinical terminologists and terminology specialists understand how controlled vocabularies and terminology standards can be used to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. We can help you create a strategy to maximize the value of clinical information captured within your organization, and provide specialists to help you establish the tools and processes required to realize that strategy.

Clinical terminologists help healthcare organizations adopt structured documentation tools and leverage externally sourced patient health information within clinical settings. Our consultants are clinicians with specialized clinical domain knowledge and clinical terminology standards expertise. These experts can help you develop documentation tools and support terminology value sets that are user-friendly and appropriate for their clinical context. They can also help your organization transition to a new clinical application or adopt provincial EHR applications by providing a strategy and support for mapping your existing clinical master data to terminology standards or other local terminology systems.

Terminology specialists help healthcare organizations maximize the value of the data captured within clinical systems. Our consultants know the technical underpinnings of different terminology standards and understand how information is captured and flows within the healthcare system. Gevity’s experts can help you understand how clinical knowledge is represented within your systems and help you develop strategies and tools for knowledge extraction, enrichment and reuse.

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you, or:

Gavin Tong, Vice President