Our experiences in national eHealth programs, our work with Canadian indigenous populations, and our roots in population and public health give our consultants a unique perspective on the challenges faced by emerging economies. This, combined with our proven strengths in on-time and on-budget project delivery as well our ability to build effective, multi-disciplinary teams allows us to bring a full spectrum of skills to our engagements. We not only collaborate well, we embrace collaboration. This has led us to establish an International Development practice aimed at addressing the needs of development agencies, as well as international financial institutions with development focused lending portfolios.
As management consultants, strategic advisors and ICT professionals for policy makers, planners, plan implementers, governments, private sector and international development agencies, our purpose is to illuminate the path for developing countries to evolve into thriving, sustainable and modern economies through better health and social protection. Hand in hand with the development agencies, we aspire to fulfill a promise to the citizens of the world in creating an inclusive, safer and healthier community.

Please see our Tongan Mobile Diabetes Strategy project profile for a detailed example of a current Gevity engagement, and view our International Development Fact Sheet for more information on what our team can provide.

For more information please contact the Branch Office nearest you, or:

Lauro Vives, Director, International Development Practice